Easy Tips for Mess-Free Dead Sea Mud Mask Application

August 10th, 2017 7:26 am

Dead Sea Mud Masks are easy to use, right. Just slap it on your face and you’re done. In theory, it should be easy until your skin starts to feel like it’s on fire or feels itchy. Or what about the mess some Dead Sea mud mask brands make when the product is not used correctly?

These are just some of the things that you can experience when using Dead Sea mud mask for the first time. To make sure that this does not happen to you, here are some great tips you can try.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Guide - Tips for Easy and Mess Free Dead Sea Mud Mask Application

Tip #1 Prepare all the things you will need beforehand.

If the mud mask calls for rinsing using warm water, make sure you have that ready. If the product needs to be mixed prior to use, prepare a huge bowl, some stirrers, water and other possible things you may need to complete this process. Having all the things you need in one place will save you time and effort.  It will also keep you from making a mess as you don’t need to frantically scramble to find that measuring cup or that spatula that will help you put on the mask.

Tip #2 Use clean hands or clean equipment while putting on the mask.

The aim of using a mud mask is to cleanse the skin of impurities that make it look less than amazing. But how can you do that if you apply dead sea products using dirty hands or tools? Make sure to wash your hands and tools properly before using the mud mask. In between uses, wash the mud off the spatula or brush and keep the tool in a cool and dry place. This will ensure that germs and bacteria will not get to your skin and cause skin issues such as pimples, blackheads, and acne.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Guide - Tips for Easy and Mess Free Dead Sea Mud Mask Application

Tip #3 Watch your hair and avoid applying the mask on certain areas on the face and body.

Some Dead Sea mud masks just melt away when you rinse it off using water, just like the favored product of the young famous brand, Shiny Leaf. Others, called the peel off types of masks, require you to remove the dried up mask by peeling it off your skin. If it is the former, you don’t have to be careful with where you apply the mask. You can place it on your hair and it will rinse off easily. If it is the latter, it is important that you keep hairline, eyelashes, eyebrows, the thin area around the eyes, the lips and nostrils free of mud. You might pull off hair or harm the delicate areas of your face and body when you apply the masks on these areas.  This could result to hair being painfully pulled while you take the mask off.

Tip #4 Apply the right amount of mud mask.

If you apply a too thin layer of mud mask, you might not feel its effects immediately. Do the opposite and apply it too thick and you could end up with dry skin from leaving the mask on too long to make sure that it dries.  Applying it too thick can also result in the product falling in chunks. Put on an amount that’s just right to ensure that you get perfectly flawless skin after each application. It brings out the maximum benefits of Dead Sea mud mask.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Guide - Tips for Easy and Mess Free Dead Sea Mud Mask Application

 Tip #5 Do it in the bathroom.

Bathroom tiles are easier to clean than and less costly to replace than something like an antique table that you inherited from your great grandmother. When you apply the mud mask in the shower, it will just go to the drain once you’ve rinsed it off. If you do it in the living room, kitchen or your room, the dried up flakes can make a mess on your carpet, the mud can fall on the floor and make a mess and so much messy disasters. Clean up is always easier when you put on the mud mask in the bathroom.

Tip #6 Avoid cosmetics and specialized moisturizers and creams for the time being.

If you are trying to treat a skin condition using the Dead Sea mud mask, it may be better for you to avoid using your makeup and other harsh ingredients on your skin. This can affect the pH balance of your skin and may make the treatment less effective. Give your skin a few days to let the treatment work before using other cosmetics.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Guide - Tips for Easy and Mess Free Dead Sea Mud Mask Application

Tip #7 Do not use more than the recommended number of times per week/day.

Most manufacturers recommend using the mud mask once or twice a week. Any more than that can cause skin dryness. Dead Sea mud mask draws out excess oils, cleans pores and makes skin feel fresh and clean. Using it too often can strip your skin of natural oils and make it feel raw from undergoing deep cleansing too frequently. Moderation is key when using Dead Sea Mud Mask to ensure that your skin remains soft and supple.

These are just some of the many tips you can do to ensure that your experience using the Dead Sea mud mask is easy and mess free. For more ideas on how to use the Dead Sea mud mask, check out the How To Use Dead Sea Mud Mask page.